Acreage mowing

Your time is money, and there's a lot to do on large areas such as rural or semi-rural land. You can save yourself the investment in equipment and the time spent on maintenance by getting us to care for your acreage mowing and slashing for you.We're experienced in large area outdoor property care. We do your house yard lawns, as well as the mowing and slashing of paddocks. We'll do areas of uncultivated grassland to assist with weed suppression and grass quality. You can work out with us a custom mowing schedule tailored to seasonal changes. We have all the equipment from hand mowers and whipper snippers for the house yards and tight spaces, ride-ons for more expansive areas, to tractors with slashers for the big and tough acreage. Steep or complex sites are no problem.

Mulch capture, brush cutting and chipping

Farmers find it economical and good land management to use their own green waste for mulching and fertilising. Our mowers can capture all clippings and give you those to use as mulch. We can also do tree and hedge trimming, brush cutting and chipping of waste branches and provide the mulch to you ready for use.

Horse areas

You probably already know that if horses can find something sharp or dangerous and become injured by it, somehow they will! We can inspect your horse paddocks and arenas before we mow. If we find anything risky to horses we will clean it up or notify you. Our mower can cut and care to optimise the health of your grass paddocks for horse wellbeing. We can also ensure your arenas are well presented and provide good footing.


The road verge, in rural areas, can be a legal issue. Councils should mow it, often they don't. Or not well or often enough. However that strip of land impacts your property visually and in terms of weeds, pests and animal control. Although council's insurance does not cover residents mowing the road verges abutting their properties, most landowners want a safe, tidy frontage and will do it themselves. Councils are generally happy to let you do it!

Landcare sites

You may want to do a landcare site on your rural property. We can come and slash down the weedy vegetation to get it under control in preparation for your landcare efforts. Or perhaps you already have a landcare or land for wildlife site developing on your property. It may be on its way to returning to a natural state. However you still need easy access in the form of tracks that do not favour weeds. For example grasses can smother and starve young trees and shrubs in an area that should be returning to forest. We can help by regular mowing and slashing of tracks until trees grow up and the natural ecology takes over. Even then you probably need to maintain fire tracks.