Residential grass mowing

People are very busy today and life places many demands on precious weekends. Have you considered having a regular lawn maintenance program with a professional? You can save on equipment and time by letting us do it all for you. Moreover, we will leave you with a beautifully presented lawn. It will be cut just right for its grass type, traffic, kind of activity and degree of sun exposure. Regular mowing, feeding and topdressing helps suppress the growth of weeds and keeps your lawn looking lush all year round.

Whipper snipping and slashing

You may have areas of grass where a mower can't go. It can be because it's too small, or because it's too large or overgrown. That's where the other machines come in handy, such as the whipper snipper and slasher. We aim to provide a lovely outdoor environment for you. Therefore we can do the difficult spaces, as well as trim, chip and mulch your trees, hedges and shrubs.

Soil care

Few soils are ideal for turf. Or if they start out that way, they don't stay that way. Clay soils can become compacted and need breaking up without damaging the lawn. They may require aeration in water logged periods or situations. Fertilising is occasionally a necessity because soil nutrients get depleted. Some kinds of turf are ‘hungrier' than others. We can advise you about this. Some grasses get stringy with runners or lumpy and need top dressing. This in-fills the soil and restores the level of the ground and the density of the grass.

Pests and weeds

All green growing areas are susceptible to pests and weeds to varying degrees. Is your lawn yellowing or showing signs of ill-health? We can assess it and advise you what's going on and what you can do about it. We also provide pest and weed identification and control measures. If lawn has become patchy due to such problems, we can repair it.

What we do