Commercial mowing and turf care

Commercial properties often have grassed areas as part of their landscaping. Visitors receive a good first impression of your business when they see well-maintained grounds. It’s also beneficial for health and safety. Neat green areas support psychological wellbeing of workers, customers and management. Therefore they are a boon for your productivity and the value of your property. In some cases, an immaculate turf of the correct height and density is necessary to the function of your business, such as golf courses and air strips. Talk to us today about a maintenance plan for your green areas.

The roadsides issue

You might be lucky and have a local council who regularly mows and cares for the road verge fronting your commercial property. Or you might not. They may mow but not often enough or not well enough to accord with your professional appearance as a business. Technically it is not your responsibility to maintain the road verge and you are not covered by council insurance if you do it yourself. However many people for whom a tidy frontage is important, do care for their stretch of roadside. Not many councils will have a problem with you taking this load off their shoulders, provided it is well done and no problems are created. We can keep your roadside strip looking neat, green and presentable for you.

What we do

We can also do rolling to flatten out disturbed ground although it’s not generally needed in Australia. That’s because we don’t have moles and severe frosts to upheave the soil. However if bandicoots or ants are making your turf lumpy and full of holes we can do annual rolling. Beware it can compact the soil especially on clay, therefore we don’t recommend doing it often.