Civic public spaces mowing

Mowing and turf care of public spaces is a never-ending job that consumes a lot of resources. That’s why you want an efficient professional team on board who won’t be beaten on price. Below are some of the issues that come up on public grassed areas and can be addressed by the right care.

Heavy foot traffic

Turf gets a lot of wear on places like playgrounds, sports fields, entertainment venues, school yards and showgrounds. There are types of turf and soil treatments that can support lawns to survive and do well under heavy traffic conditions. For example if you mow off one third of the grass length often (eg. twice per week in summer) it will keep fields green and strong. If grass is left to get too long and then cut short, it generates a lot of clipping bulk that suffocates the grass in an uneven pattern.

Big areas

Public spaces often have big areas of lawn. Sometimes the conditions are uneven, eg some parts shaded by trees, other parts constantly damp, different soil types across the area, and different intensities of wear and tear. You need experienced people to mow and care for the turf to keep it in good shape across all these different conditions.

Water cost

Big areas of grass equals big water consumption. This can be minimised with the right type of turf, soil treatments, regular mowing, feeding and top dressing.

Difficult mowing situations

Not all public spaces are smooth and level. There can be steep slopes, uneven ground, dampness, complicated, tight areas of grass, and so on. However there is no reason why they can’t be kept in a neat state by mowers with the appropriate equipment, skill and experience.


Public places are notorious for being littered with rubbish. When the grassed areas are kept mowed it is much easier to see and remove litter. Also tidy places have more of a deterrent effect on litterers than scruffy unkempt places.

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